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Prime Time Health wins 2011 Silver Telly!

prime-time-health tellyScreen shot 2011-05-24 at 10.06.44 AM

Penczner Media congratulates our production team of this year’s 2011 Silver Telly Award-Winning Health & Wellness DVD “9 Simple Steps to Prime-Time Health” based on the best-selling book by Dr. Bill Sears.

"Main Street" print helps fight swipe fees

Leading the charge against unfair swipe fees, The National Retail Federation is utilizing the Jay Ragsdale designed “Main Street” print ad in its new 60 day advocacy campaign in DC beltway publications.

Bear Grylls says "Live Life to the Plus"

MainLLTTP_JP_Mix_MP_720pScreen shot 2011-05-24 at 11.04.13 AM
Adventurer Bear Grylls is again the centerpiece of a Penczner-directed 60 second promotional clip for Juice Plus+® entitled “Live Life to the Plus.” Green screen elements were shot at Adrenaline Films’ in Orlando Florida with Mike Murray serving as DP. Visual effects were created by Ben Naff of In Visible Inc. with sound design handled by Nick Palladino of NPall Studios.

"Pirate" campaign in euro subways

Charlemagne Exit Pirate adSchuman exit pirate ad
Penczner Media’s “Pirate” Swipe Fee campaign was released overseas featuring posters at subway stops around the European Retail Round Table gathering in London, part of an international effort to curb the rising cost of hidden credit card interchange fees.

Bear Grylls uses "bugs" to promote nutrition

BearGrylls2 Screen shot 2011-05-24 at 11.05.14 AM
World famous British survivalist, Bear Grylls, speaks out in a series of new promotional videos for a nutritional product he’s taken since he was a teenager - Juice Plus+®. According to Bear, Juice Plus+® has been a constant companion throughout his career and a key part of his supplies on big climbs like Mt. Everest. To hear more from Bear, visit

NACS showcases Congressional Christmas Tree

NACS_xmastree_CQTODAY_v4F capitol-christmas-tree-21
Trucking a seven story tree from Wyoming to DC was no small task, but NACS was up to the challenge as the lead sponsor of The Capitol Christmas Tree on its journey from Wyoming to the Capitol, which included fueling stops at dozens of NACS member locations. And Penczner Media was proud to help get the word out online and in DC print publications about this exciting holiday campaign.

"Stick To College" helps students prepare for the future

stick_tocollege_FINAL_broadcast Screen shot 2011-05-24 at 11.02.56 AM
Working with advertising agency Walker & Associates and animators, Penczner Media served as production company for “Stick To College” a :30 TV spot highlighting College App Week where students can get the information they need to better prepare for college admission.

CHC's "I Give $25" looks to raise $1,000,000

CHC Screen shot 2011-05-24 at 1.07.47 PM
Penczner Media recently wrapped post-production on the Church Health Center’s 25th anniversary online fundraising promotion entitled “I Give 25” which is looking to raise one million dollars. The 5 minute features donors, staff and patients talking about the importance of maintaining this well respected community health center, the largest and most respected organization of its kind.

Best Seller "Prime Time Health" DVD released

Screen shot 2011-05-23 at 9.05.10 PM Screen shot 2011-05-23 at 9.04.33 PM
“Prime Time Health” the best-selling book by one of America’s foremost physicians, Dr. Bill Sears, is not available on DVD. The hour long program covers Dr. Sears’ 9 Simple Steps to Prime Time Health along with additional special feature focusing on health and wellness tips for over-50 viewers.

It's "Game Day" on the MLB Network

MLB_NETWORK_LOGO Screen shot 2011-05-24 at 1.09.20 PM
“Game Day” a :30 cable TV spot produced by Penczner Media and running on the MLB network highlights the Children’s Health Study and the importance of good nutrition in helping future athletes better compete in both sports and life. The spot will run on an assortment of games across the network until Memorial Day.

UCCF wins Reed Award

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Winning the 2010 Reed Award for Best Public Advocacy Campaign was the Penczner directed print & online campaign for featuring illustrations and editorial cartoons by the world renown illustrator BK Taylor. Attending the awards and accepting the prize were BK, Lyle Beckwith of NACS and nationally recognized pollster Robert Green of PSB. gets "Frantic"

shapeimage_1-13 Screen shot 2011-05-24 at 11.02.20 AM
Post-Production wrapped on “Frantic”, a :30 spot for dedicated to helping parents and students better prepare for college. Marius Penczner served as Director/DOP. The spot was shot entirely with the Canon 5D Mark 2 using a combination of live-action, on location green screens and computer-generated effects.

Penczner featured on Cinemek site

Cinemek, maker of the G35 35mm adapter and the new Hitchcock storyboard software, highlighted Marius Penczner as a featured DP. “The G35 is the most organic and easy to use 35mm adapter on the market” said Penczner. “Its rugged build and durability make it a tool that DPs can count on to work when needed and outperform expectations.”

"Interchange Able" makes front page of American Banker

The national debate about credit card reform continues to heat up regarding unfair “interchange” fees and their harmful effects on retail businesses. And our “Interchange Able” cartoon strip, produced by Penczner Media and famed illustrator BK Taylor, is also receiving its share of national attention being featured on the cover of a recent issue of American Banker.

7-Eleven petition campaign tops one million signatures

In communities across America, 7-Eleven store owners and operators are undertaking an unprecedented, million-signature plus petition campaign calling on Congress to reform unfair and excessive credit card transaction fees . Some 6,300 7-Eleven® franchisees, licensees and store operators in the U.S. are working to change the way credit card companies’ do business with retailers across the country and are taking their beef to the street – or in this case to their counters and customers. Produced with preliminary design and creative support from Penczner Media, the campaign reached the million mark just a few weeks after its launch and is now estimated to top 3 million signatures by the time it wraps up on August 10.

Juice Plus+ DVDs go international

The highly popular “Next Best Thing” promotional DVD for Juice Plus+ has gone international being translated and dubbed for audiences in Spain, Italy and Netherlands. Penczner Media is proud to be a part of the national, and now international, success this exciting product is having as it expands into countries throughout Europe and Asia.

Boys & Girls Clubs win 2 Telly Awards

The Boys & Girls Clubs "Storms of Life" and "Numbers" videos, produced by Penczner Media, have won two Bronze awards  in the Charitable/Not For Profit and Fundraising categories in the 30th annual Telly Awards. Hyun Cho, PR director for the Boys & Girls Clubs said “First, I would like to thank Jay Martin for his vision and execution to make it all possible.  Second, I would like to thank the Penczner Media production team for producing such a great marketing tool for us. Lastly, I would like to recognize the people who participated in the "casting" to share their thoughts and experiences about the Boys & Girls Clubs. There were about 13,000 annual entries from the largest agencies, organizations and production companies around the world in this year’s Telly awards.

DLC tribute featuring Prime Minister Tony Blair

Nearly a quarter century after founding the Democratic Leadership Council, Al From was honored at a retirement gala that featured a video produced by Penczner Media that highlighted his remarkable contributions to the Democratic Party, American politics, and global efforts to modernize the progressive tradition. President Bill Clinton headlined the event, which included speeches by Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, the Honorable Tom Vilsack, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (Md.), and DLC Chair Harold Ford, Jr.

Juice Plus+ releases national campaign produced by Penczner Media

With production in 6 US cities, a new promotional DVD titled “The Next Best Thing” produced by penczner media for Juice Plus+ was screened before an enthusiastic audience of 6000 at the company’s latest national conference before being released on the web. To see the campaign, visit launches historic media cartoon campaign

shapeimage_1-5droppedImage-2 launched a one-of-a-kind print media campaign focusing on the daily challenges faced by Congressional staffer, Randy Able as he struggles with the credit card interchange issue. The strip is being brought to life by renowned artist/illustrator,  BK Taylor, art director Jay Ragsdale with creative design from penczner media.

Penczner works with Political Winery on “inaugural” webmercial

Using a combination of rear projection and macro photography, penczner media worked with Chris Trebilcock & The Political Winery’s marketing team on their first ever national webmercial campaign, both garnering rave reviews nationwide.  To see the campaign and learn more about The Political Winery’s great tasting wines, visit

Post-Production wraps on "NUTRITION DETECTIVES" DVD

Penczner media has just completed production and post on “Nutrition Detectives” an exciting education program being distributed to elementary schools across the USA.  The project is the brainchild of Dr. Catherine Katz and Dr. David Katz a leading voice in health media and contributor to O magazine, New York Times and ABC News. For free copies for your school and more information, visit

Boys & Girls Clubs and Penczner Media form awareness campaign

Penczner media was chosen by the Boys & Girls Clubs to develop video and web materials to increase awareness of a pioneering new program for BGCA graduates.  The Boys & Girls Clubs Technical Training Center helps provide club members, who may not be college bound, with the training and life skills they’ll need to succeed in today’s job market.

Penczner generates "Pirate" buzz campaign

Working with the MPC, penczner media helped create a series of “Pirate” print, video and banner ads that dramatically increased traffic to the organization’s website.  Photography was done by Marius Penczner with the print design and layout created by Jay Ragsdale of Ragsdale Studios. For more, visit their website at  or

PSA shows impact of global warming

Did you know that climate change is about more than polar bears, spotted owls, and other endangered animals? Check out Campus Progress’ PSA “Polar Opposites” produced by penczner media to learn more about what else – beside our cute arctic friends – there is at stake. For more, visit